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Enough about us, we rather talk about you

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You probably expect to find a company presentation here with all our USPs, offers and arguments on why you should pick us as your partner. Well, a lot of agencies do this, but at Sista Raden, we focus on you and your clients.

Our mission is to help your organization grow by increasing value and results on the bottom line

So..who are you?

To us it doesn’t matter what kind of company you are in terms of what business you do, company size, digital maturity and understanding, if you have a marketing department or not. Of course, this is central information for our next step but what really matters is that we are agreed on what sustainable affairs are and the importance of: 

  • hitting your goals
  • growing your revenue
  • achieving more with less
  • building and retaining a strong brand
  • defining and to embody company culture by digital actions
  • attracting the right future colleagues and clients by offering the right content

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Clients we've helped already

Who we don’t work with

To be an efficient partner we want to have the same ambitions as you. We take pride in our partnerships, therefore we don’t collaborate with clients who:

  • take their customers and clients for granted
  • think the internet and digital marketing is a trend, rather than a condition (or requirement) for sustainable growth
  • see business relationships as something that should only last short term
  • rather close a quick deal than looking to your clients best
  • think leads (Leeds) is nothing more than just a city in northern England

how are we going to help you?

Our primary focus is to understand you and your organization's needs to reach your full growth potential. When we have the whole picture of what you want to achieve and what’s keeping you from reaching your goals we can set up a strategy, pick the right tools and put together the right package and team to start your growth journey.

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