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Center of Digital Excellence – Sandvik CODE – Case Study

How is it that a company, with its background as a global leader in the industrial sector, choose to create one of the greatest innovation hubs? That is exactly what Sandvik has done with the help of, among others, Sista Raden. Sandvik needed to shift a part of their business from tools and tool systems for metal machining and the mining and construction industry to the technical market. The Center Of Digital Excellence, or CODE for short, is Sandvik’s investment to become one of the leaders in the technical market. And as if this wasn’t enough, it would need to be done without Sandvik’s competitors knowing.

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Sandvik - From mining company to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sandvik, as it is known today, was founded in 1862 by Göran Fredrik Göransson. In 1972 the name Sandvik was taken. As recently as 1984, a new type of organization was introduced. Now there was a business structure of parent companies and separate business areas. Thus, Sandvik has been constantly developing, both itself and their offer, including new technologies.


Sandvik CODE’s goal was to recruit the best possible candidates for this, their major investment. But they needed help. By starting with only 2 managers, including one flown in from Silicon Valley, they needed to recruit a top team. And they needed to do it with rocket speed. Without their team, there would be no innovation hub. It was certainly a great challenge with an even greater business idea.

We have gone from idea to production in seven months... The industry average is usually three to four years.” - Hugo Nordell, VP at Sandvik CODE

Industrial giant - reborn!

Since Sandvik has its foundation in the industry, the needed to completely rebrand themselves in order to stand even the slightest chance to attract the top candidates, the candidates who otherwise would have gone to other, competing, companies. So Sandvik needed to position themselves against tech giants such as Spotify and Klarna among others. This was a major obstacle for Sandvik. To achieve their set goals, help was needed. A lot of help. The recruitment, along with the positioning of their new venture were two major obstacles that needed to be overcome to reach the goals set.

What Sista Raden did to help

We at Sista Raden were able to help Sandvik CODE with many of the obstacles they faced. Among other things, we created a complete recruitment strategy. This strategy had its foundation in attractive and engaging content. In addition, we were able to position Sandvik CODE in the market, with a strong focus on Employer Branding. We also created a secret business page, that was hidden through coding. By cracking the code correctly the visitor was able to view the page. This in turn led to a sense of increased value on the page. We knew we needed to compete with leading Swedish tech companies for their talents. That’s why we did not create any traditional job ads. Instead, we used so called role teasers, where only a small piece of information about the role was given in advance. Then the potential candidates had to register their interest based on this. This created an added sense of value, but also an exclusivity on the part of the employer. In addition we also created a recruitment film. This was created, from idea to finished product in just 3 days.


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