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Growth hack lead generation

Get a better understanding of your target groups, which digital tools that works best for your business and how you can reach your business goals.

what you will learn

Growth Hacking allows small startup companies to compete with their biggest competitors.

In our guide you will learn how you can get more visitors to your website, increase conversions and strengthen your digital business.

This is included in the growth hacking guide

In our Growth Hacking guide, we talk about how you can increase the growth of your company by:

  • Define the current state
  • Understand your target group
  • Systematize your growth hacking
  • Create smart goals
  • Measure success and progress

What is growth hacking?

Growth Hacking is about building relationships. The word hacking comes from the successful examples when companies managed to find the perfect hack that led them to reach the goal they set up. Example on goals are Increase sales, new customers, more leads, conversions or subscribers.



Dropbox provided free storage if you got a friend to sign up, both to you and your friend. The more friends you got to sign up, the more storage you got.


Facebook encouraged people to submit their email addresses, they then received notifications if they were mentioned on facebook even if you didn't have an account.


AirBnB gave accommodation providers a way to copy their ad to Craglist with one click. That got AirBnB to be shown for the right target group.

SEO/SEM/ SEA emprovement

How growth hacking can improve your business

Create your strategy by analyzing measurable data, get to know your target audience behavior and use that information. Do you want to find new customers? Find out where your target audience is, instead of believing that they should look for you.

If you want help with this download our guide or contact Sista Raden and we will help you to growth hack and improve your digital strategy!

Growth Hack your business today!

Get our guide and create better digital conditions for your company.