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Inbound Marketing

As consumer behavior keeps evolving, yesterdays strategies need adaption to keep up. With inbound, we'll help you to become and stay relevant to your buyers. Just like you, your customers do a lot of research before purchase and pay more attention to quality, case studies, reviews, and brand.

It's now more than ever a time for new sales and marketing tactics. Let us help you grow in a way that entices your audience to approach your brand.

Get more business with inbound

With an inbound mindset, we always have your clients interests and needs in focus. By offering helpful and educational content for your target group (also called buyer personas), you will earn trust and credibility by being relevant to them. It doesn't need to be complex, simple as putting your client's needs first.

The Inbound methodology consists of three main stages:

1. Entice the right traffic

Attract visitors who are the most interested in what your brand offers. Create and share useful content, such as guides, webinars, blog posts, ebooks and videos for your persona's needs.

Don’t worry, we will work on your SEO to make your content visible to potential visitors when they’re doing their research on Google. Social media is also a good complement to make your brand more visible to your audience.

As a result of creating relevant content, your site will generate more traffic with better accuracy and also better your opportunities to build trust and convert visitors into leads.

2. Engage & convert

When the right visitor finds your website, it is important to drive engagement through conversions. Simplified, a conversion is a goal fulfillment, often with the aim to create leads or drive direct sales.

Although most of your content should primarily be available to your visitors for free, the most insightful content can with benefit be shared in exchange for something in return. For example, their contact information.

In order to increase sales, we work with lead nurturing to assist your leads further in their buying journey. With lead scoring to identify the ones you want to contact in person, we'll serve the leads steaming hot to your sales team.

3. Excite through experience

When your visitor has become a customer you don’t want the relationship to end. You want your customer to become an ambassador for your brand and spread the excitement of their experience with you with other prospects.

How do you make this happen? Keep sharing relevant content, keep track of your visitors with CRM, analyze visitor and customer data to evolve your offer and extend the customer lifetime value.

Haven't started with Inbound yet? Don't worry, we'll help you to sprint past your competition. Share your details and we'll reach out shortly.

Inbound Marketing

Top benefits with Inbound Marketing:

Credibility & thought leadership

With relevant content that educates, informs and is helpful for your customer you will earn trust and expert status within your field which will help you convert visitors into leads. Valuable content contributes to an ongoing dialogue and long term business relationship with your customers.

Increase sales & shorter cycles 

We'll help you build a credible brand that will help you shorten your sales cycles since the threshold will be much lower for the customer to make a purchase from somebody they trust.  

Increased efficiency

We'll help you get more efficient, time- and cost wise. Imagine customers coming to your doorstep instead of you knocking on their door to get their attention. Just keep in mind that Inbound Marketing is a strategy built on trust and understanding of your buyer's needs.

Creates Ambassadeurs

Creating helpful and educational content will add value to your visitor and customer which will make them share it with their network.


What to expect:

If you’re still a bit unsure of Inbound Marketing as a method for you, here are some interesting stat’s:

  • 92,7% (2018) of businesses who have embraced inbound marketing have increased their leads generation
  • In a survey which covered what sources sales teams rate as the most qualitative for leads generation, Inbound Marketing landed in first place and got 59% (2017) of the votes
  • Inbound marketing outperforms Outbound marketing by far. 46% (2018) of marketers said inbound marketing gave a higher ROI, while only 12% reported outbound did
  • According to Hubspot Inbound marketing is 62% (2017) cheaper than outbound marketing

How we will help you:

We can help you with anything within the different stages of inbound marketing but first of all, we need to hear about your problems and things you’d like to improve. Contact us to hear more or book a free consultation and we'll present customized solutions to your digital needs. 

inbound marketing