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Platinum Partner of SharpSpring – Why we choose SharpSpring

Marketing Automation has become a decisive factor for many companies' success (2019). One reason for this is the opportunity to clearly see the results of invested campaigns. And of course the ability to follow up on data. This makes sure that you can easily see and analyze what efforts that generate leads. This in turn helps you close sales and increase revenue.

As a result of the increased number of users of Marketing Automation in the last couple of years, the number of suppliers has also increased. Today there are around 300 different platforms for Marketing Automation. Depending on the unique user needs of your business, it may be difficult to decide which platform is best for you. Click here for our comparison over the major Marketing Automation systems.

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The reasons why we choose SharpSpring:


SharpSpring is easy to use. This does not only makes it effortless for us in our work, but also for our clients that range from beginners to experienced Marketing Automation users. This makes it fun and, above all, effective to get started with. If something is difficult and you need help, SharpSpring offers free web courses, templates, service-oriented support, and a solution-oriented development team.

Award winning and top rated software

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what professionals and end-users think about the platform. Here you can see how SharpSpring scores on Capterra, G2, and Trustradius. We would also recommend you to take a few minutes and read why this best of breed marketing automation software, is grabbing the world with storm on

Scalability and no strings attached

The price for SharpSpring is adapted to your needs and to the changing reality. You can easily grow your business without it becoming costly. You can just as easily scale down and end the user agreement with just one month's notice period.

SharpSpring comparison

Platinum partner of SharpSpring

Sista Raden has been a partner of SharpSpring since 2018 and we were proudly awarded the SharpSpring Platinum certification in March 2019. This means we are named experts in Marketing Automation and especially experts of the SharpSpring platform. Given that we are platinum partner of SharpSpring we are experts in creating qualitative leads, sales conversion of said leads and ROI (Return Of Investment) optimization when it comes to digital marketing. 

And of course we will teach you, give you support and report to you when you choose to start using SharpSpring with us.

SharpSpring platinum partner

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