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UX Design

The goal of thought-through user experience (UX) design is to enhance the user's experience with your site, landing page or any other content. The purpose is to help the user find what he or she is looking for and nurture them further down the buyer journey.

We help you improve usability and accessibility for your unique users. 

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What to keep in mind with User Experience Design

There are many aspects to keep in mind when creating meaningful and relevant experiences for your unique users. We can help you with everything from analyzing user behavior and your target group, optimize functionality, usability, and branding.

Ux design

Keeping the user in focus

As you’ve probably figured out already, User Experience Design includes the whole user journey and our work process has always the users interests in focus. The process consists of getting to know your users by research, creating personas, designing wireframes, and interactive prototypes as well as testing designs.

We’ll help you to make sure your User Experience is: 

  • Helpful: Your content should be helpful to the user.
  • Usable: It must be easy to use your site.
  • Engaging: Images, branding, and other design elements should be used thoughtfully to create emotion and appreciation.
  • Navigable: Content needs to be easy to find onsite and offsite.
  • Accessible: Your content needs to be accessible to your target groups’ abilities and limitations.
Ux friendly website

The business of User Experience

Investing in UX has a number of profits. Here are three examples: 

  • Increase the interaction rate and sales
  • Create long-term loyalty
  • Reduce web development costs

By providing a smooth and intuitive experience for your user you’ll simplify navigation and their journey to making a purchase. You’ll gain long-term loyalty (and user retention) from meeting your users' expectations and adapting functions to their needs.

Investing in UX design is also important for keeping down maintenance costs through web development when you’re already live with your site. If you’ve invested in a good UX design from the beginning you’ll save money by avoiding costly fixes in the future.

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